How to apply oestrogen gel correctly

Learn how to correctly apply oestrogen gel for optimal absorption and symptom control. Follow these step-by-step instructions for safer hormone delivery. Find out more!

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the correct way to apply oestrogen gel

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Delivering oestrogen through the skin is thought to be generally safer than taking it orally.

However, absorption can vary between products and different women, and can be affected by things like applying skin creams, exercise and washing.

It’s very important to follow the correct instructions for applying transdermal oestrogen.

Gel, in particular, is prone to the “slap it on and crack on with the morning” approach. It’s really important not to do this! Take time to apply it properly and you have much more chance of absorbing the full dose and getting better symptom control.

The instructions for proper application of oestrogen gel:

❤️ The gel should be applied to clean, dry, intact skin:

❤️ Spread in a thin layer over the surface of your outer arm from the shoulder down, or inner thigh. Do not apply on or near your breasts or genital area. Don’t RUB!!

❤️ Apply one metered dose to one area. Each dose of gel should ideally be spread over a large area of skin. if you are using 2 doses, apply one dose to one area and then the other dose to another area.

❤️ Allow the gel to dry for at least 5 minutes before covering the skin with clothing.

❤️ Do not wash or apply any other skincare product to the skin for at least 1 hour after application.

❤️ Wash your hands with soap and water after application so that you don’t get Oestrogel on other people or surfaces.

❤️ Do not have skin to skin contact with another person for an hour after application.

Too much hassle? Consider a patch

If this level of faff seems too much for you – then consider a patch, which is much more of a “whack it on and forget it” approach 😊

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