13 million women

13 million experiences

The menopause can feel like you are losing your body, your sexual wellness and your mind. We give you those back.

Book a consultation at our online menopause and sexual wellness clinic.

13 million women
13 million experiences


The menopause can feel like you are losing your body, your sexual wellness and your mind.  We give you those back. Book a consultation at our online menopause and sexual wellness clinic.

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As specialist doctors, we understand the transformative impact of the menopause on every aspect of your life. It goes so much further than just hot flushes & irritability.  Managing it properly takes much more care and expertise than a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Life is hectic, before perimenopause and when the menopause gets involved. This means you need to pay proper attention to your physical, sexual and psychological health. Actively identifying and tackling the symptoms of menopause, and having the knowledge and awareness to do so, can have a significant impact on your quality of life both now and into the future.

We give you the time to explain your story in your own words and work with you to find the best plan.

Physical Symptoms

Oestrogen affects almost every cell of the body and the menopause brings with it frustrating, distressing and debilitating changes to women’s bodies. 

At Spiced Pear Health we’ll explain these symptoms and what you can do to address them.

Sexual Function

Sex doesn’t end when our fertility does, and women have a right to an active and enjoyable sex life for as long they wish. The menopause throws physical as well as emotional spanners in the works. These are often overlooked or poorly understood, but at Spiced Pear Health we have the solutions. We are specially trained in sex and sexuality, understanding the many ways that menopause can affect this.

Psychological Health

It can be a challenging time, and you are not imagining it. Not only are we dealing with the stresses and strains of life and relationships with our children, partners and ageing parents, but this is made worse by the physical symptoms of the menopause. It affects your sleep, your mood and changes your ability to cope.  At Spiced Pear Health, we understand the science of how your menopausal brain is working differently. We can help you put your hormones and your life in balance again.


In your 50 minute personal menopause consultation we’ll provide you with a plan completely tailored to your needs. It will be based on our years of experience and training, with evidence based information and advice.

Our patient centred approach takes a holistic approach to lifestyle, relationships, and mental health as well as the latest in medical treatment and research.

We won’t bombard you with endless information, instead we will guide you through what’s happening in your body & the options that are relevant to you. Together, we will tailor your treatment plan, so that it is personalised to your needs, your goals and you will be able to access it whenever you wish.

Who We Are

Expertise that goes beyond just HRT

Our expertise is more than just advanced menopause training. Our holistic treatment plans give you options that go beyond just HRT.

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Bespoke plan from experienced doctors

Bespoke information and management plan tailored to your needs by Doctors with Specialist training in both Menopause & Sexology


Access to your personalised treatment plan

Your own secure portal, with a treatment plan and information tailored to your goals.

Why Choose Us?

We are experienced doctors with Clinical Sexology & British Menopause Society “Advanced Menopause Specialist” training and qualifications.

We are also women who have experienced hormonal imbalance ourselves and know that this struggle is real.

Women are more than their menopause and treatment is more than HRT.  We are also trained in the medical and psychosexual aspects of sexual dysfunction, and have spent many years managing patients with chronic diseases.

Spiced Pear Health sits at the centre of your general health, hormonal dysfunction and sexuality. We understand how they are all interlinked and impact each other.

A Note On Our Language

We are GSRD aware at Spiced Pear Health and understand the non-binary nature of sex and gender, and wish to be inclusive and supportive however you identify.

The use of the term ‘women’ on our website and leaflets is intended to refer to all female-bodied at birth individuals experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Our Patients

Thank you Dr Wright. So clear, lots of good detail, but not too much so as to overload my peri-menopausal brain! The online format worked really well. So helpful


I am back to the person I was and am now able to continue my life.


It’s such a relief to come across a truly professional, dedicated, & caring doctor such as Dr Sharma. She listens, is passionate & forensic about finding the right solution to your problem & then compassionately & medically treats you back to health & happiness.


I felt that no one understood. Your assurance that I didn't just have to put up with them & give up, gave me hope.


22 July 2022

Dr. Wright has been so helpful and informative. She gives you all the time you need to ask everything you want to know and is very understanding and easy to talk to.

Melis McNevin
18 July 2022

I can't recommend Dr. Angela Sharma enough! I'm 37, and have been suffering from PMDD since 11, endometriosis since 14, hair loss since 16, medical menopause since 27, and anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts since I can remember. I've seen countless of gynecologists and psychiatrists and no one put two and two together until I met Dr. Sharma. I've been living without diagnosis or any form of treatment for decades. When I met her through her private consultation, I was at the end of my rope. She listened to me, understood what I was going through, and she informed me about my diagnosis. I had no idea what PMDD or POI was, she not only spent her time to inform me, to explain and to provide all the helpful resources, she also created a very extensive care plan for me. She has an incredible holistic approach, she looks at everything from hormones to bone health to mental health. Even with the follow-up appointments she always checked my progress, provided all the references for X-rays and appointments. I would have given up a long time ago if I haven't met Dr. Sharma. She's not only an amazing doctor, she is also a lovely person. She also understands premature menopause, hair loss and other symptoms on a personal level. It's incredible to find a doctor who understands what I'm going through both as a woman and a doctor. If you're suffering any type of hormonal issues, I can't recommend Dr. Sharma enough!

14 July 2022

I can't recommend Spiced Pear highly enough. The virtual consultation with Dr Angela Wright was excellent. She's friendly, very clear, listens well, and is clearly very knowledgeable in her field. Also, there are comprehensive forms to fill in first, to give info before the appointment. The recommendations made sense (and I got a PDF summarizing the appt, along with other info) and were enough for my GP to then prescribe. The follow-up appointment was incredibly helpful and again clear and relevant. I have seen great improvements compared to the smaller improvements seen from the 'one-size-fits-all' solutions offered by my GP at the start of my HRT journey. It's definitely worth paying for an appointment with a specialist, if you can, and this service then isn't overly expensive as you get a comprehensive note for your GP to prescribe following the recommendations.

Natalie Turner
14 July 2022

Dr Angela Sharma has been incredible. I contacted spiced pear health because I was struggling post hysterectomy with my menopause symptoms and my GPs were unable to offer much help or guidance. Angela listened to all my concerns and asked lots of questions to establish the best care plan for me. She then wrote a report for my GP who was then able to prescribe the recommended medication. Angela has then since called me to check how things are going and adjust things as needed. I wish I'd contacted them sooner it was the best decision I made, she really understands women's health and menopause.

Seema Chadda
10 July 2022

Dr Angela Sharma, is a breath of fresh air. With so much information she not only focussed on Menopause (which was the reason I chose Spiced pear) but she genuinely cared and gave me so much more to think about with regards to my lifestyle choices, diet and small changes I can make for improvements. She provided support and guidance tailored to me. Thank you for the excellent service you are providing and provided.

Gail Donnan
19 June 2022

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my late 20s and have struggled with PMS and other symptoms typical to PCOS for 20 years. In my late 40s I was starting to notice a dip in my mental health, an increase in anxiety, memory problems, joint pain, trouble with sleeping, scalp issues and hair loss, night sweats and increasing heart palpitations. I did visit my GP and was prescribed oestrogen gel and a low dose of progesterone at night (25 days on 3 days off). I had a hard time adjusting to this routine and decided to contact Spiced Pear who totally understood PCOS, new what was right for me and changed my routine/prescription. I am now free of joint paint, my scalp is healthier, my hair is growing back, I sleep better, rare night sweats, I can seem to cope again, my anxiety is minimal and my heart palpitations are decreasing. I received some great nutrition and exercise advice which wasn't expected and I have sent a lot of my own clients to Spiced Pear and they feel the same. I did take my care plan to my GP but prefer to order my prescriptions through Spiced Pear. I can wholeheartedly recommend Spiced Pear and thank you.

Nicolette Deeley
15 June 2022

Such a relief to be able to talk to someone so knowledgeable about what until recently has been a taboo subject and consequently receiving a prescription which has brought the real me back to life. Thank you Spiced Pear.A

R Brown
16 May 2022

My symptoms were not classic but I knew something was not correct. I took a questionnaire pre consultantion and realised I had more recognised symptoms than I realised. The appointment was at a weekend, it was good to be listened too. It was informative and reassuring but did make me understand I have a responsibility with my lifestyle choices if I want to see the benefits in later life. I would recommend a consultation, they are knowledgeable, experienced and answered my questions honestly.

15 May 2022

I am so pleased I made contact with Spiced Pear Health. Dr Angela was so kind and supportive and she quickly allayed any fears I had discussing my symptoms. She listened carefully to all my concerns and questions and was knowledgeable and very thorough. Access to the care plan and information leaflets has been really useful. Medication was issued and received very promptly. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Angela to anyone. Thankyou so much for your ongoing help and support!

Julie Alderson
4 May 2022

I felt so safe talking with the Spiced Pear Doctor. There was so much understanding and no judgement. I talked about aspects of my menopause worries that I thought I would never feel comfortable mentioning. After feeling that I was loosing so much, as my mind, body & relationships crumbled, Dr Angela’s practical help and advice allowed me to move forward in my life.

11 April 2022

More than I ever could have imagined, spiced pear health is for all women out there who may feel unheard , uncertain, lost , curious even . Spiced pear health is your one stop place for all menopausal needs .set up by two women GP,s both called Angela . I Personally saw Dr Angel Wright . I had thought at my age I was beyond any hope of returning to my former self as it were . Angela has been hugely supportive and incredibly knowledgable in her approach to my personal needs . Nothing has been too much trouble and she has navigated around my needs so very well . I am now on track and more connected with who I am again and I’d like to thank such a wonderful service for everyone at spiced pear health . In particular personal thanks and gratitude to Dr Angela Wight for her personal care plan for me and her support . I feel totally heard and human again and that I actually matter . Ladies , regardless of your age or whatever stage in your life , I am Very post menopause , and spiced pear has helped me so very much and I now feel I can move forward with something that had held me back the last few years of my life . Forever thankful .

Siobhan Elliot
4 April 2022

I'm very pleased with the service I've received from Dr Angela Wright at Spiced Pear. The customer service has been top notch, and the consultation with Angela was thorough. I felt heard and understood by someone who really knows their field and is passionate about women's health. It's such a relief to have got the help I need at last. I would recommend Spiced Pear to other women, in fact I have already done this.

Suzette Castle-Mackie
7 March 2022

I would recommend Spiced Pear Health to any woman going through peri-menopause or menopause symptoms. In fact I shall be urging anyone talking to me about it to go sooner rather than later. I definitely wish I had done so as I have been feeling like I have been under par for a long time with many symptoms, some I have only just discovered could be linked to menopause. The service was tailored, detailed, thorough and very prompt.

17 February 2022

Please do not hesitate to access this wonderful service , For the first time in nearly 10 years I felt listened too, I was given the time to explore my worries, symptoms and desires. I felt understood and most importantly I did not feel judged. The questions Angela sensitively asked uncovered symptoms I had not linked to menopause, I am so very grateful I have found this service. I am now symptom free, I have a wonderful feeling of balance and I have recovered my sense of self . I have a full and very active life … in all ways! Thank you so much!

17 February 2022

Spiced Pear have been amazing. Angela quickly set up an appointment and listened carefully to what I said. I felt that I was really heard and believed. I was asked to have a blood test and then quickly had a prescription emailed to me. I can honestly say it’s been years since I felt so good . I’m not sure how to express how highly I recommend contacting Spiced Pear. You really have nothing to lose.