Managing Menopausal Bloating: Hormonal Influences and Solutions

Explore the causes of bloating during menopause, from hormonal fluctuations to gut health. Learn effective strategies for managing menopausal symptoms, including dietary adjustments and stress management, with Spiced Pear Health’s holistic approach.

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Exploring the Growth Phenomena in Menopause

After the perils of clitoral shrinkage, it seems only fitting to spend today talking about the bits of us that grow at menopause instead.

Bloating During Menopause: Understanding the Causes

So many women complain of bloating at this stage. Why? Can’t we at least have ONE nice symptom, we hear you say?

The gut contains receptors for both oestrogen and progesterone. So it stands to reason that fluctuations of these hormones will create new and interesting symptoms here, too.

Progesterone’s Role in Menopausal Bloating

Most women are familiar with the constipation that marks the run up to a period, and early pregnancy – both times when progesterone levels rise. Progesterone slows bowel transit and can lead to a bloated, uncomfortable feeling.

Oestrogen Drops and IBS-like Symptoms

Oestrogen, on the other hand, drops and although the mechanisms aren’t fully understood, this swinging of hormone levels can lead to IBS-like symptoms and a tummy that looks several months pregnant.

Seeking Medical Attention for Persistent Symptoms

It’s important, if you have persistent bloating or bowel change, that you seek reassurance that it’s not due to more serious causes. Ovarian cancer can present with persistent bloating, and a simple blood test or scan can check for this quickly. Bowel habit changes should also be evaluated by a doctor, in case they’re a sign of something more worrying.

Diet and Stress Management for Menopausal Bloating

In the meantime, it can help to eat fibre-rich and gut-biome-friendly foods rich in good bacteria and to manage cortisol levels – stress also upsets bowel habits. The FODMAPS diet helps manage IBS, and seeing a doctor to get your hormones more level can also really help.

A Holistic Approach to Managing Menopause Symptoms

Menopause hits the mind, body and world, and solutions for symptoms need to be aimed at all these areas to work well. This is why we use a biopsychosocial approach, and work with trusted partners to find the best solutions for you.

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A note on our language

Throughout this website, we use the term women when describing people who experience hormonal symptoms. However, we acknowledge not only those who identify as women require access to menopause and hormone health information. For example, some trans men, non-binary people, intersex people or people with variations in sex characteristics may also experience menopausal symptoms and PMS/PME or PMDD, and we warmly welcome everyone who needs this support in our clinic.

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