Awaken Your Senses: Harnessing the Power of Your Brain for Sensual Bliss

Discover the power of your brain in enhancing sexual experiences. Cultivate mindfulness, amplify pleasure, and tune in to your body’s signals for sensual bliss

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Understanding the Significance of the Brain in Sexual Experiences

Your brain is your biggest sex organ.

This can be a good – and a bad thing!

Modern life has most of us doing a million things all at once. And still feeling like we are dropping balls all over the place.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, and easy to spend the whole time distracted by the internal dialogue in our heads.

We even celebrate this level of busyness or productivity. Though it may help us juggle career, home and other aspects of our lives – it is of no help when it comes to sex.

Some of the most useful work you can do to improve your experience sexually involves learning to focus more fully on the sensations in your body.

The Food Analogy: Slow Down and Savor the Sensual Experience

An easy analogy is eating – have you ever noticed the difference it makes to slow down, chew your food for longer, smell the aroma coming off the plate, and notice the way the food looks and feels? Compare that to the times you eat when working or watching a film – how easy it is to have more than you needed, to not even really notice what you’re chewing or tasting. Or a car journey you take often – how you arrive at your destination having barely registered the journey as your mind was busy running through the tasks of the day.

Practicing Mind-Body Connection: Enhancing Solo and Partnered Sex

Many of us spend whole days in our heads, only really bringing our focus into our bodies when we feel something unpleasant like pain. It is a skill we can practice – and as you develop your practice, you will naturally be able to bring the same habits into your solo and partnered sex.

The Pleasure Principle: Amplifying Joy and Sensuality in Everyday Life

Think of it as a pleasure principle.. of trying to notice and amplify the moments of joy and pleasure every day, whether sexual or some other sensory experience. It will put you more in tune with yourself, and help you to notice the natural signals your body sends to tell you what you want or need.

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